July 9, 2018
Dear Parents,
During this past year, our tenth pilgrimage to Assisi took place, and it was, once again, a tremendous success. Thirty eight students and f faculty members visited the birthplace of our patron saint, and saw the village where he began his journey. Each attendee was touched in different ways by the beauty of Italy, the welcoming atmosphere of this great place, and the gravity and scope of this unassuming and humble man’s legacy. The trip itself was documented through pictures and memories, which you can visit through our website at www.sfhs.net.
We are proud to announce the beginning of our second decade of these annual trips to take place this year during Spring Break. We will be departing from St. Francis High School on Holy Thursday morning, April 18. We will spend several days walking in the footsteps of St. Francis in Assisi, and conclude our trip in Rome, the center of the Roman Catholic faith. We will return on Saturday, April 27. We will again travel with Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs who have a program specifically designed for high school students. (Franciscan Young Adult Pilgrimages: www.FranciscanPilgrimages.com)
Seeing as a pilgrimage is a spiritual experience, there will be certain expectations for those students participating. Among other things, this will include a selection of pre-meetings/classes. Selection criteria will include exemplary citizenship. Priority will be given to Juniors, although it will be open to students of all grade levels. We will allow approximately 30 students to attend.
The cost of this pilgrimage will be approximately $4000, which includes all lodging, meals, and airfare. A deposit of $1000 will be due at the end of October, with the remaining payment due at the end of the third quarter.
We will hold an Assisi Pilgrimage meeting on September 12, 2018 in the Degheri Performing Arts Center at 7:00pm for all interested families. Please address any questions prior to this meeting to the Franciscan Spirit and Life Center at ext. 152, or email me at egleason@sfhs.net.
Know that you continue to be in the prayers of the Friars, faculty, and staff.
Take care and God Bless,
Mr. Eric Gleason, ‘93 // Director of Franciscan Spirit and Life

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