Pants must not have any of the following:
No Levi’s or Dickies
No Denim is allowed regardless of the color.
No rivets
No gathered in or elastic at the bottom of the pant leg
No horizontal cut on the front pocket, (typical jean cut).
No oversized or excessively tight pants.
No outside “patch pockets” (typical jean back pocket) 
No cargo pockets
Pants Must Have:
Belt loops
One solid color.
Front pockets that have a vertical dress pant cut, (typical dress pant cut).
A back pocket cut of the inside variety (typical dress pant pocket).
Belts must be worn
Suggested/approved vendors would include; Dockers, Haggar, Croft and Barrow, Match, St. Johns Bay, Stafford.
Shorts follow the same guidelines as above.
Athletic tights or sweat pants may not be visible underneath shorts.
Shorts must touch the top of the knee and may not extend below the bottom of the knee.
Hair shall be worn in a manner as to be tapered and evenly cut.
Hairstyles must be moderate and well-groomed.
No part of the hair will exceed three inches in length.
Exaggerated styles are not permitted.
Exaggerated “steps”, where part of the haircut has is very short and then immediately transitions to long hair, is not allowed.
Short sides and a fuller top are permitted as long as they adhere to the stipulation above and do not exhibit a harsh transition.
An example of an acceptable cut is where the sides taper from a “3” cut to a “5” cut to a “7” cut etc.
No designs whatsoever may be trimmed into the hair. (letters, designs, racing stripes, etc,)
Hair must be its’ natural color
Hair must be neatly combed
Sideburns may not extend lower than the bottom of the ear
Hair must not cover the ears, eyes, or eyebrows and must be completely off the shirt collar.
Shaved heads are not permitted. Mohawks, faux hawks, spikes or any other similar hair variations that are extreme or exaggerated are not allowed.
All students must be clean shaven. No mustaches, no goatees, no 5 o’clock shadows are allowed
The administration reserves the right to determine what qualifies as an acceptable haircut.
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