One of the hallmarks of the Capuchin Franciscan community has always been a spirit of community and family.  Naturally, we see this as an integral part of who we are and what we stand for at St. Francis High School.  In order to further enhance this tradition and to equitably distribute essential support and service to our school, the Family Service Program was established.  Since tuition and fees do not cover the actual cost of educating your son, the Family Service Program helps to bridge the gap.
  This program seeks to involve all current families in the many activities and events that occur at St. Francis.  Each family is required to fulfill 25 hours of service or an equivalent “in kind” of donated materials.  Due to insurance regulations, only parents or legal guardians may qualify to work the events. Families not able to satisfy the requirements by either working or providing supplies, may opt to “buy out” their requirement at the rate of $20 per hour or a total of $500 for the upcoming school year.
            There are multiple opportunities throughout the school year to provide services.   Work done for the school’s benefit through the Mothers’ Guild, the Booster Club, or the development office may qualify.  If you are in doubt as to whether your service will qualify for hours, please call the family service office in advance.  The Family Service opportunities will be updated every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.on the SFHS website.  Click on the parents tab, business office, family service and then to the sign up genius. 
            It is the parents’ responsibility to check the Family Service Program Opportunities page at our website for current volunteer opportunities.  A current list of chairpersons for the parent service organizations is listed in the Student Directory.  Chairpersons’ names will also be listed in the Family Service Bulletin. 
            Sign in sheets will be provided by the chairperson at the activity or event.  Sheets will also be available at all qualifying meetings.  YOU MUST SIGN IN AND OUT TO GET CREDIT.   Original receipts for supplies must be turned in with the parent and student’s name on the receipt.
Hours will be totaled throughout school year and a status report will be sent to you in January and May indicating remaining balances due.  You will be responsible to complete your hours or pay for the remaining hours at a rate of $20.00 per hour.
            We recognize that many activities require support from parents beyond the 25 hour minimum.  Therefore, parents may carry over a maximum of 25 hours to roll over to the following year.                    
            Development fundraising is separate and is designed to provide for our future development.  Payments to any Development Department programs will not cover your family service obligation.  As always, we thank you for your support and interest in St. Francis.          
The intent of the Family Service Program is to supplement events that involve the entire student body and/or school.  Credit will not be given for services or supplies to individual clubs, classes, or team sports. Teachers, coaches, Mother’s Guild or Booster Club may not authorize family service hours.  Each family is responsible for 25 service hours per school year.  Supplies purchased before the deadline will be credited as such: 1 hour for each $15 spent.  Incomplete hours will be billed at $20.00 per hour.
Family service opportunities will be available for the following:
Alumni –
Monthly meetings – 1 hour credit
Golf tournament – hours for working event
Booster Club –
Monthly meetings – 1 hour/family
Pride day – hours worked (maximum 3 hours per person)
Football, basketball, soccer games hours worked for ticket sales, security, snack bar (call the family service office if not listed)
Christmas tree sales – hours worked
M/S communion breakfast – hours worked  (maximum allotment)                                                      
Mothers’ Guild –
Monthly meetings – 1 hour
Faculty lunch – hours worked
Knightwear sales – hours worked
Spring Brunch – hours worked (maximum allotment)
Bake sale – 1 hour for 2 dozen cookies
Homecoming (maximum allotment)
Day of recollection – hours worked
Father/son communion breakfast-hours worked (maximum allotment)
Yard sale- hours worked
School Events –
Articulation dinner – hours worked   
Friar Circle – hours worked
POSH-MiniPosh – hours worked
Graduation – hours worked
Drama play assistance- makeup, costume, prop assistance
Drumline – Chorus – hospitality  for events maximum (1 hour)
No credit for foods or service will be given for dinners provided to any teams, clubs, or classes. No credit will be given for baked goods for drama sales, chorus sales, or any other club sales.  Limited amounts of credit will be given for hospitality for certain school events.  (please consult with the family service office for clarification)      
Food donation will be credited as listed without exception:
                                    Faculty lunch (serving size 12-20)
Entrée - 2 hours
Salad – 1 hour
Breads – 1 hour
Desserts – 1 hour
                                    Articulation dinner
Appetizers – 1 hour per serving 12-20
                                    Meetings – Maximum allotment
200-300 parents 10 doz. cookies max     
300-400 parents 15 doz. cookies max
New parent meeting 14 doz. cookies max
Back to School 80 doz. cookies max
Open house 100 doz. cookies max                  
Sign-in sheets must be used at the event and each volunteer must sign in and out.  Sign-in sheets are available in your notebook, at the front desk, or in the Family service office.  Committee chairmen must give a detailed listing of hours performed. Coupons for baked goods and or supplies are available at the front desk. No one automatically receives hours.  So please be sure each form is complete.  This includes the chairperson’s time commitment. Please remember only current parents can work for service hours.
If there is any doubt or question, PLEASE call Family Service at (818) 790-0325 ext 922.
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